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Contact Information

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Phone Number:

(250) 078 886 7479


Gregg Schoof

BP 4283 KGL

Kigali, Rwanda

East Africa

Email Address:



523 Sibley Street

Hammond, IN 46320

Notes on Sending Packages:

It is best to send small things in bubble envelopes or small boxes with PRIORITY MAIL. Also, put NO VALUE on the package. Shipping by ground takes at least 6 months.

Thank you for showing your love for our family.

Notes on Sending Emails:

We are thankful for every person who sends us an email; but because of slow internet service here, please do not send us forwards or large files.

Notes on Donations:

Please make all checks payable to FBMI. Then in the memo area put - Gregg Schoof #56. It will then be put into our account.

Thank you in advance to every one who wishes to help us in Rwanda.

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