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 Rwanda is a beautiful little country located in East Africa. It is nicknamed “Land of a Thousand Hills”. It is known for its beautiful terrain and Mountain Gorillas. It has great temperatures and good rainfall. But for all of its beauty, it is plagued by them memory of the 1994 genocide.

 That horrible genocide took nearly one million of her people and has left a deep wound in this tiny country. Many of those displaced by the war have returned to their homes, but the scars remain. Many are homeless, unemployed, or still suffer from the physical or mental pain of the war.

 Many improvements have been made in recent years, but only Jesus Christ can bring permanent peace to people’s souls and to this country. Rwanda needs faithful servants of the Lord - now more than ever - to offer hope and healing that is found in the Gospel. Please, help us as we help them.


9,900,000 Souls


Average job in capital: $ 70 per month

University Professor: $ 350 per month


Catholic, Pentecostal, Muslims, animists


French, Kinyarwanda, English


Kigali – 1,000,000 souls


154 miles  x  103 miles


75°F Average temperature
2 rainy seasons per year

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